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Staying Heart Healthy at Work

We all know that being active and eating well is important for staying healthy. But, did you know that just sitting too much may have a negative effect on your heart health? According to recent study results published in the New York Times, sitting for at least 10 hours a day may be linked to…
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Understanding Your Benefits

As the New Year quickly approaches, this means new medical benefit plans are just around the corner for many people also. Now is a great time to make sure you understand your benefits, new or old, and that you’re getting the best possible benefit from your plan. Here a few tips to help you get…
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Open Enrollment Season – Changes Bring Opportunities

Open Enrollment Season – Changes Bring Opportunities Let’s face it; the annual open enrollment process for selecting benefits is a tedious and often laborious one, not only for the HR team but for employees as well. Making benefit decisions is important and the selections made affect employees and families in a personal and financial way…
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Uncertainty Surrounding Healthcare Reform Is Leaving Consumers in a Tough Spot

As the political landscapes shifts and the ongoing debate around healthcare reform rages on, the uncertainty of the path ahead is going to hit consumer’s right where it hurts, the wallet. Like all insurance products, health insurance is built around the idea of collecting enough in premium dollars to pay for future expenses. The challenge…
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