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Tips for Making the Most Of Your Doctor Visit

The team at Capital Benefit Services helps companies provide affordable, quality health insurance benefits to their employees and their families. And while having access to health care is a great benefit, there are small things you can do to make sure you are getting the most from your health insurance plan each time you see […]

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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Getting enough Vitamin D during the winter months in the Pacific Northwest is always challenging with the gray weather and shortened hours of sunlight. But with Coronavirus safety protocols keeping us at home even more than usual, it might be feeling downright impossible these days. Many of us know Vitamin D as the “sunshine vitamin” […]

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Staying Heart Healthy While Working From Home

As we continue to face the coronavirus pandemic, we know it’s important for us to stay home and remain socially distanced from others in order to keep each other safe. But did you know that just sitting too much may have a negative effect on your heart health? According to study results published in the […]

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So You Have an HSA – Now What?

If you are like an increasing number of Americans, there is a good chance you have a Health Savings Account, or HSA, as part of your health insurance benefits. But understanding how your HSA works can make a huge difference in getting the most out of your benefits. First, it’s important to know that an […]

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