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The intention of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is to bring affordable healthcare to all Americans. But that doesn’t make it simple or easy to understand! We are constantly posting more educational resources to help you better understand the ACA and how it affects you and your employees. Learn more in this section.

Open Enrollment Is Coming! What to Know Before November

It's that time of year again! Open enrollment for state-run Health Insurance Markets will open shortly. This means that if you are self-employed, a contractor, a small business owner (or employee), or unemployed, now is the time to begin researching health care plans for 2017 to avoid a last-minute, frantic rush to enroll -- or…
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One Big Insurer Explains Why Obamacare Premiums are Rising

No matter what type of health insurance plan you are on, we all experience the ever increasing rise in health insurance premiums. Of particular interest to many who watch the health insurance industry has been the rise in individual premiums on the “exchanges.” As many industry observers have predicted, the individuals who are purchasing plans…
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Medical Bills Still Take a Big Toll, Even With Insurance

As a recent article from NPR pointed out, medical bills still take a large bite of family’s finances, even with insurance. With high deductibles now becoming the norm as employers restructure coverage to manage costs and more people shop on the federally-run exchange, the up-front costs catch many consumers off guard. For example, nearly a…
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Year 3 of the Exchanges – Is it Make or Break?

The launch of yet another year of the health insurance exchanges got underway recently with not much fanfare. Yet quietly behind the scenes, the health insurance carriers are positioning themselves for a dramatic shift unless their financial results change. This posturing of sorts is evident all across the industry. For example United Healthcare recently announced…
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