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One-size-fits-all is not the best way to approach health benefit programs, and it’s important to choose a program that best fits your employees and their healthcare needs. These blog posts will detail how some benefit programs work, and help you make your company healthcare decisions with more knowledge and understanding.

Retail Clinics: Are They Adding Costs to the Health Care System?

A recent article from Kaiser Health News asked an interesting question: Are the much applauded and fast growing retail clinics that seem to be popping up on every corner actually increasing costs? While there is no arguing the fact that stopping into a Walgreens or CVS clinic is much less expensive that going to the…
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Premium Only Plans: What are they and do you have one in place?

As most employers understand, one of the main benefits of offering employee benefits is the pre-tax advantage it offers both employees and employers. And yet, a surprising number of employers are not taking employee premium contributions pre-tax and do not have a system set up to do so. This runs means missing out on the…
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Company Sponsored Wellness Programs – An Offer Employees Can No Longer Ignore

As employers grapple each year with controlling the costly burden of offering employee benefits, many are utilizing wellness plans to engage their employees and encourage healthier behavior. The Affordable Care Act offers employers an opportunity to offer credits in the form of reduced premiums for employees who participate. However some employers are shifting away from…
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Universal Health Care – What Does It Mean and Is It Even Possible?

During the upcoming election cycle, one thing you are bound to hear a lot about is the notion of “universal health care”. In fact, one of the pillars of Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders’ campaign is offering what he refers to as a “Medicare for all” plan. Universal health care or a “single payer system” is…
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