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With the Affordable Care Act and all kinds of health care reform happening, it can be tough to keep up with all of the changes and how they affect you and your employees. We’re here to help, with informative blog articles that will guide you through health care reform and the steps you need to take to maintain good healthcare coverage.

One Big Insurer Explains Why Obamacare Premiums are Rising

No matter what type of health insurance plan you are on, we all experience the ever increasing rise in health insurance premiums. Of particular interest to many who watch the health insurance industry has been the rise in individual premiums on the “exchanges.” As many industry observers have predicted, the individuals who are purchasing plans…
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Retail Clinics: Are They Adding Costs to the Health Care System?

A recent article from Kaiser Health News asked an interesting question: Are the much applauded and fast growing retail clinics that seem to be popping up on every corner actually increasing costs? While there is no arguing the fact that stopping into a Walgreens or CVS clinic is much less expensive that going to the…
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