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With the Affordable Care Act and all kinds of health care reform happening, it can be tough to keep up with all of the changes and how they affect you and your employees. We’re here to help, with informative blog articles that will guide you through health care reform and the steps you need to take to maintain good healthcare coverage.

Year 3 of the Exchanges – Is it Make or Break?

The launch of yet another year of the health insurance exchanges got underway recently with not much fanfare. Yet quietly behind the scenes, the health insurance carriers are positioning themselves for a dramatic shift unless their financial results change. This posturing of sorts is evident all across the industry. For example United Healthcare recently announced…
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Universal Health Care – What Does It Mean and Is It Even Possible?

During the upcoming election cycle, one thing you are bound to hear a lot about is the notion of “universal health care”. In fact, one of the pillars of Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders’ campaign is offering what he refers to as a “Medicare for all” plan. Universal health care or a “single payer system” is…
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