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Keep your employees covered with a health insurance plan that is right for them. As you navigate the changing world of healthcare, due to reform and the Affordable Care Act, Capital Benefit Services is here to guide you and offer consistent information, education and resources about health insurance and benefits plans.

Tax time – do you have your proof of insurance available?

Being asked for proof of insurance sounds eerily liked being asked to provide your license, registration, and proof of insurance when getting pulled over by a police officer, however with the IRS in full force this year, there seems to be a new traffic cop out there looking for uninsured folks. As we all work…
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Premium Only Plans: What are they and do you have one in place?

As most employers understand, one of the main benefits of offering employee benefits is the pre-tax advantage it offers both employees and employers. And yet, a surprising number of employers are not taking employee premium contributions pre-tax and do not have a system set up to do so. This runs means missing out on the…
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Government Spending on Healthcare Surpassed Social Security in 2015

As recently reported by Modern Healthcare, in 2015 the U.S. government spent more on healthcare than on Social Security. While this may seem insignificant, keep in mind that roughly 60 million Americans are collecting social security checks each month. While social security increases are tied to several factors, such as inflation, medical spending continues to…
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Universal Health Care – What Does It Mean and Is It Even Possible?

During the upcoming election cycle, one thing you are bound to hear a lot about is the notion of “universal health care”. In fact, one of the pillars of Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders’ campaign is offering what he refers to as a “Medicare for all” plan. Universal health care or a “single payer system” is…
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