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Throughout the year, there are numerous things you can do to stay and get healthy and fit. With these blog articles, we will offer simple suggestions to help you maintain or start a healthier way of living. Plus, you can pass these posts on to your employees to benefit their health plan as well!

Best Practices to Encourage and Promote a Healthy Work Environment

Business success is strongly tied to employee health. When employees are healthy, energetic, and happy, they tend to be more productive, they work better, and the company can thrive. As such, business owners need to look at creating a healthy work environment not just as something they do for the benefit of the employees, but…
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How Mobile Technology is Changing Healthcare

Due to the onset of wearable technology and connected devices, the modern healthcare industry is on the verge of massive changes - and possible improvements - to the way it approaches patient health and wellness. For those with chronic conditions or diseases like diabetes or heart disease, life-saving devices are already part of a robust…
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6 Ways Wellness Plans Benefit Employers

Whether you're an employee or an employer, you've probably heard about this new strategy of introducing a wellness program into a company. This may seem like a fad, but, in reality, wellness programs are a lasting trend that show real results that can highly benefit both employees and employers. They not only create a better…
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Planning for Healthcare – Preparing for Health Care Costs in Retirement

While many of your employees are likely still years away from the retirement, with an aging population and an increasing allotment of savings dedicated to other costs, it is important to begin preparing for health care costs in retirement early. As a recent article in Investopedia pointed out, lifetime healthcare costs for a healthy 65-year-old…
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