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Throughout the year, there are numerous things you can do to stay and get healthy and fit. With these blog articles, we will offer simple suggestions to help you maintain or start a healthier way of living. Plus, you can pass these posts on to your employees to benefit their health plan as well!

Company Sponsored Wellness Programs – An Offer Employees Can No Longer Ignore

As employers grapple each year with controlling the costly burden of offering employee benefits, many are utilizing wellness plans to engage their employees and encourage healthier behavior. The Affordable Care Act offers employers an opportunity to offer credits in the form of reduced premiums for employees who participate. However some employers are shifting away from…
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Here’s How to Prep Your Employees for Open Enrollment

Dealing with employee benefits can be a challenge. Whether you have two employees or 200, getting employees to tune in and make good benefit decisions can be a challenge. While there is no golden ticket to solve the complications around open enrollment, there are simple, straightforward things that may help. Below are some of the…
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