Our Staff

Ben Belur, Vice President of Sales

Direct Phone Number: 425-679-5026

As the VP of Sales and Senior Employee Benefits Consultant, Ben’s duties consist of helping strategize with companies to find the most affordable and comprehensive benefit packages for their employees. Trying to find the appropriate level of coverage can be a challenge in today’s health insurance world and that is where Ben’s innovative ideas, with an emphasis on controlling costs, provide value to his clients and prospects.

Jeremy Bright, Senior Benefit Consultant

Direct Phone Number: 425-679-5022

As Senior Benefit Consultant for Capital Benefit Services, Jeremy finds great value in helping companies provide benefit packages that will meet their needs along with those of their employees and families. Jeremy looks to maintain the value of his service and company’s interests to create a quality relationship.

Will Compton, Vice President of Marketing

Direct Phone Number: 425-283-0204

As the VP of Marketing for Capital Benefit Services, Will’s focus is on supporting our partnerships across the state. In addition to educating and supporting our home builder association partners, Will devotes a considerable amount of time to understanding the complex and changing environment of health care reform to help our members maintain compliance with the new regulation.

Jill Craig, Account Manager

Direct Phone Number: 425-679-5024

As an Account Manager for Capital Benefit Services, Jill's dedication to clients and their needs is evident every day. In addition, her background as a HR professional with multiple large employers provides her keen insight into both the challenges and opportunities of implementing a top quality employee benefit plan. Jill's passion and dedication and attention to detail make her an important part of Capital Benefit Services success.

Michaela Gormley, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Direct Phone Number: 425-679-5028

As the Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Michaela thrives on supporting our clients in providing clear and easy-to-use materials and information. She also works to build relationships with our members and support our association partners through membership events and community outreach.

 Jonathan Hensley, President & Chief Strategy Officer

As President and Chief Strategy Officer, Jonathan's leadership and guidance is fundamental in shaping the future of our company and ultimately those of our customers. Among Jonathan's many accomplishments, his most recent position before joining Capital Benefits was as the President of Regence Blue Shield in Washington State. In addition he has served in executive level leaderships roles at both Premera Blue Cross and United Healthcare among others. Jonathan's vision and passion for excellence helps bring new and creative ideas that ultimately provide the pathway to successes for our team and for our customers.

Tim Hirshberg, Senior Benefit Consultant

Direct Phone Number: 425-283-0220

As a Senior Benefit Consultant at Capital Benefit Services, Tim maintains and grows new client relationships all over the state of Washington. He works diligently to make every encounter with new, existing and all companies in-between, a contact to remember. He loves what he does and considers himself to be a “contagiously” happy guy.

Garrett Kinsley, Senior Account Manager

Direct Phone Number: 425-679-5027

As a Senior Account Manager and Enrollment Specialist with Capital Benefit Services, Garrett understands the importance of a smooth transition of coverage and is committed to providing all new clients with a very timely enrollment process. He looks to facilitate and maintain a long-term partnership with clients by always dedicating himself to the best interest of those with whom he works.

 Nate Schroeder, Benefit Consultant                             

 Direct Phone Number:  425-679-5035

As a benefit consultant for Capital Benefit Services, Nate’s dedication to clients and their needs is evident every day. His passion for the client and promoting a positive outcome is a key component to Capital Benefit’s success.

 Sean Korf, Account Manager                                               

 Direct Phone Number:  425-283-0230

Sean's role as an account manager is to support and help clients understand their group medical plans, provide comprehensive employee benefits to Washington State companies, and assist with the sale and administrative parts that come with an employer based group plan. He loves building quality relationships with his clients through a great attitude and a bright perspective on life, and also, the construction, manufacturing and marine trades. He loves to spend time with his girlfriend, family and friends with an array of outdoor activities.

Mary Kate Zellers, Account Manager

Direct Phone Number:  425-283-0240

As an Account Manager with Capital Benefit Services, Mary Kate’s role is to not only strive to create a seamless enrollment process for new clients, but also support existing clients with a ‘white glove’ customer service mentality. She enjoys forming genuine, long lasting relationships with each client she comes in contact with. A few other things that MK is passionate about is looking for ways to improve processes as well as employee benefits education.